Friday, February 3, 2017

Cruets and Ewers

I thought this batch was cursed from the start. I dropped newly thrown pots on the floor, a big bowl exploded in the bisque kiln, and then from some strange reason St. Theresa (the kiln) shut off after a few hours on the glaze firing. So I refired and look how lovely these came out! There's a little teapot and sugar bowl in the lower left. Oil and vinegar cruets to their right, and then a whole mess of little ewers or vases, I guess they could be anything. The red iron oxide glaze is all I really have right now. I need to refresh my glaze buckets, but all these came out just fine.

I think I need to fit them all with corks now. By chance I had a big cork that fits perfectly in the sugar bowl. I've made my own corks in the past, but they tend to be wonky, and I refuse to leave scars on cork trees (which incidentally are everywhere in Stockfish). But for the moment, these will do.