Sunday, June 16, 2013

Steamer Bowls

I think they turned out just lovely. It's Navaho Wheel from IMCO with a clear glaze that picks up the grog in the clay body very nicely. For the first trial run I think Dashi Stock in the bottom, some fresh noodles above that, some lobster tails above that, some seaweed at the penultimate and maybe a raw egg on top. The idea is that each layer is cooked with the steam from that below and also flavors those below. Hot coals go in the bottom chamber. I'm thinking now that this will really serve two people. I'll take a shot in action when I have a chance too.


  1. Will you use the dashi as soup for noodles? Or are you counting on the steam to carry dashi flavor through the stack?

  2. Hey John, I really don't know. I haven't tried it yet. The idea is for everything to waft up, but I'm thinking the noodles will probably need to be parboiled first. The idea is to keep the courses separate, so i might start with various dumplings and steamed custards.